Distribution Agreement Tlumaczenie

The winning band was fortunate to win a $150,000 record, promotion and distribution contract. This would allow the industry to use distribution agreements very similar to those currently allowed, which was quite negative for our evaluation report. These distribution agreements, which were intended to measure the public`s appetite for such a service, brought the network to about 50,000 homes. The channel expanded significantly in 2002, when it reached several new distribution agreements. Interseroh Austria has agreements with more than 100 such collection points. His company has signed a non-exclusive distribution contract with the telecommunications giant for at least six years. This is the result of a complex publication/distribution agreement between the two independent companies. But the benefits of a new federal distribution agreement are expected to begin next year. A distribution agreement has been reached with Projectograph, the first Hungarian company.

The distribution agreement also applies to television, home video, internet/digital and mobile rights. We hope to reach this year`s Fall Film Festival circuit and get a distribution contract. The press has also launched distribution agreements to provide small publishers with execution and marketing services. But this bill does not give cable programmers the right to enter into exclusive distribution agreements with anyone. Subsequently, it began sharing distribution agreements with model companies in other countries, which allowed their products to be exported worldwide. Could you, for example, explore partnerships or distribution agreements to facilitate your entry into the new market? The family, which employs about a dozen people, has distribution contracts with many major sporting goods stores. PAPCEL from Litovel, a paper machine manufacturer and our partner, arrived in 2010 with the initiative to create a cluster of the paper industry that brings together suppliers from all kinds of paper industries. Headquartered in Waco, Texas, the company employs 23 full-time workers specializing in the development of motorized pcts for the turboprop market, targeted sales and marketing, as well as growing expertise in the state`s contract programs. Porsche Cars North America, the Distribution company of Porsche vehicles in the United States, on November 27, 2012, gave the pick of the new seat, which is called “A Porsche Drive “. The takeover obligation is excluded from companies with a sales area (free access to customers) of less than 150 m2.