Zoho Desk Service Level Agreement

Zoho Desk is equipped with intelligent automations and SLA rules to help you manage your help desk more efficiently. Zoho Desk allows you to sort out tickets opened at the time of their creation that are late, are due within two or three hours, etc. You can prioritize tickets if time is not a factor. This is especially useful for organizations that have Zoho Desk linked to Zoho CRM, where white whale accounts may require instant customer service, although the ticket may be at the end of a timed queue. The integration automatically pulls contact information from customer relationship management (CRM) to let you know if you`re dealing with an important customer. TeamSupport is all about efficiency. If you manage multiple customers or products, it`s important to keep an eye on service level agreements. With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create, edit, delete, and even clone SLAs. Permit applications may be approved or rejected, although the approver does not have the opportunity to justify the decision, which appears to be an oversight. We also want this process to be a little more formal, with administrative control over who can approve certain things. A new help desk agent might not know where to send approvals, and it makes sense to integrate it into your app. Zoho offers a multitude of retained reports, as well as the ability to customize existing reports or add custom reports to your library. Reports can be scheduled and delivered using a variety of file formats, which is especially useful for monitoring performance metrics or SLA compliance.

Integration with Zoho Analytics takes reporting to the next level, although additional costs may apply if necessary. The Zoho Desk interface includes several nuances that improve efficiency once mastered. Tickets can be fully opened or simply displayed via the preview button, which overlays ticket details via the ticket list. The Peek view provides you with all the relevant details, including suggested knowledge base articles and a ticket history for the customer. Both views display all conversations and comments placed on the ticket by previous agents. This includes sales data extracted from the CRM tool. When a ticket is opened, it is automatically moved to the closed column when it is closed in Zoho Desk, and all service information is updated in real time in Zoho CRM. Improve your help desk operations to provide excellent customer support that builds lasting relationships. Zoho does a good job of keeping things simple, starting with the free version that allows an IT department to test the basic system without even having to provide a credit card number. New accounts have access to the full Enterprise service tier for a 15-day trial period, which can be extended up to 45 days by reviewing the product. During the initial account creation, you can either perform general setup steps or simply use Zoho Desk and set it up later. .